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The Malice Trilogy now on Amazon Prime

The Malice Trilogy on Amazon Prime

The Malice Trilogy now streaming on Amazon Prime!

Malice: Origin

Desperate for a fresh start after dad’s return from a combat tour in Afghanistan, the Turner family retreats to their late grandmother’s house in rural Virginia. But life never gets a chance to settle before supernatural events begin to occur. 72 minutes

Malice:  Metamorphosis

It’s a year later and Alice is haunted by the armored specter of her dead father and dark dreams of an epic medieval battle. Are her nightmares truly harbingers of an impending disaster that threatens the town? Or is Alice simply going mad as the line between fantasy and reality blurs? 89 minutes

Malice: Emergence

Alice prepares to leave for college but the strange being beneath her town continues to haunt her. Persecuted by a fraudulent U.S. government operation, Alice is captured, drugged, and interrogated, inducing wild flights of fantasy. 114 minutes