Mark Hyde

Mark Hyde


Scenes From Pungo: A Witch’s Tale 

Mark Hyde – scenes from Pungo: A Witch’s Tale


Singularity – Short film

In the midst of a war between humans and sentient androids, Captain Gunner leads a Delta Force team battling a dangerous enemy to rescue the US President.


Malice: 1999 – Special Episode

This special episode is not part of MALICE’s main story line. Rather it’s a stand alone imaginative adventure inspired by the 1970’s classic, Space: 1999.


Malice: Star Wars – Special Episode

Malice: Wars starts to bridge the gap to Alice’s next adventure… after her metamorphosis… a life changer. And it will be a dark and difficult journey for her. Sadly her life never gets easier.


Malice: “Ghost Kid”

U.S. Navy SEAL Master Chief Nathan Turner, aka “Dad” (yours truly), has a strange encounter.


Malice: “My Dad”

Alice’s romanticized musings of her father, U.S. Navy SEAL Master Chief Nathan Turner (portrayed by actor/former Navy SEAL, me).


Days of Our Lives – Marlena shot by SWAT sniper… Me

Yes, I’m sorry to say… it was I, Mark Hyde… the SWAT sniper that shot Marlena Evans (the confessed Salem Stalker). Sorry Deidre.


Navy SEAL Foundation PSA

Former Navy SEAL Mark Hyde and actress Brittany Martz convey their Fourth of July greetings in this public service announcement for the Navy SEAL Foundation.