May the Fourth be with you!

In celebration of Star Wars Day it seems fitting to post our Star Malice Wars special episode. Winner of the 2016 Best Visual Effects Star Wars Fan Film Award.

Alice, her sister, dad, and family droid, “Battle Bunny” combat Imperial forces in an attempt to rescue her imprisoned mother.

Star Malice Wars

STAR MALICE WARS - Disney Star Wars Fan Films Award
STAR MALICE WARS special episode wins “Best Visual Effects” at the Disney Star Wars Fan Film Competition


On this Veteran’s Day it seems fitting to share this military sci-fi short I starred in. Comprised of many vets, it was a labor of love for all cast and crew.

Singularity – In the midst of a war between humans and sentient androids, Captain Gunner leads a Delta Force team battling a dangerous enemy to rescue the US President.